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Block Paving Driveway Installation, Epsom

Video Transcript

Morning everyone, Andrew here from S&D Paving in Epsom. We’ve got a lovely cold, snowy winter’s morning. We’re just doing a new driveway here and I just thought I’d give you an update. Let me show you. So we’re on Ruden Way in Epsom and we’ve got a very old and tired concrete drive and garden, which our customer wants to have some extra parking.

New Front Driveway

So in this job, we’re gonna reduce the front wall to give more access for cars to get in at the same time. We’ve got a manhole cover, as you can see here, which we’re going to recess. Also on this drive. If you notice where the digger is, we’ve got a very, very. Sharp angle, going back to the house and then coming down the drive so we’re gonna reduce that, change the levels completely, and have a lovely running slope from the garage down to the main road.

Then we’ll incorporate that running in gently to where the garden area is. So quite a tricky drive this one on different levels but not something we aren’t used to. So that’s it for now and I’ll catch up with you later on the job.

Hi everyone. Windy afternoon here in Surrey on Ruden Way in Epsom. We have just finished off the driveway. We shared the video last week and just thought we’d give you a run through it.

Rock Paving Brickwork

So we’ve done this driveway using a light grey CBP Rock Paving Brick. We’ve done a double charcoal framed board around the outside with a single grey and a single charcoal, again, really gives a really nice feature in detail.

We have also done some raised beds here as well, so we’ve just shortened and extended the customer’s own beds that were here originally, took all the shrubbery out and we’ve replanted a nice small old hedge.

As you can see, all the cuts are lovely, neat and tidy. Laurel hedge down around here. But the biggest thing in this drive was the curvature here on the driveway. If you remember from the before video, the driveway here at this point went up and dipped back to the property. Now we’ve managed to get a lovely flat surface outside the garage for the customer and it cambers beautifully down along the wall and out onto the road.

So the customer’s got no issues now with getting his cars on and off. As you can see, these two cars parked here beautifully. So that’s it for now, for this week. Hopefully next week we’ll have a patio for you to see.

Andrew from S&D paving here, signing out.

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