brandstone block paving driveway

Bradstone Block Paving Driveway Project

Video Transcript

Good morning everyone from lovely Cheam in Surrey. We’ve got the first of the sunshine we’ve had this year. So what we have in this project is a new driveway, a new front wall, drainage, soak away, new rolled turf lawn. So let me turn the camera around and give you a bit of insight to what we are going to be doing this coming two weeks.

Phase 1 – Driveway Installation

So, what we have here is a lovely detached house, in Cheam Surrey. Lovely sunshine coming through. So I’ll take it from the start. We’re replacing this old wall, which has been here for many years. Putting a new pillar here, running the wall in and meeting into the neighbour’s wall. We’re widening the entrance so the customer has ease of access for accessing her driveway with two cars from now on.

New Brick Walling

We’re moving this wall back. You could see our sprayed blue line. So from there, we’re doing a lovely new imperial brick, red brick, imperial brick means its going to be the same size as what the old London stock were many years back.

So we’re going to do a very, very nice traditional wall with some nice sandstone peel caps and wall coupons. So the new walls are going to run all the way along the front of the property. We’re doing away with the walkway. New wall right along the neighbours with pillars all the way around.

New Driveway

Now, coming back to the driveway, we’re removing this old, tired concrete drive and if you can notice all the lines in the garden, so this was us, ourselves and the customer, trying to decide on where and what shape we were going to do.

The winner of all three colours is the red one. So we’re going to do a nice gentle curve coming in off the drive. It’s going to straighten up and then we’re going to do a long sweeping curve which is going to finish in line with the front door.

Bradstone Brad Drive

So on the right hand side of that line, which is where the digger is, is going to be all new driveway. Quite excited about this job actually, because it’s our first time using Bradstone’s Brad Drive. Brad Drive comes with the resin jointing between it, which guarantees no weeds. So really excited to use Bradstone’s version of this.

New Lawn

To the left hand side of that red line you’re going to have all nice new rolled turf lawn. We’re going to recess that manhole cover, drill some holes in it, get some topsoil in there, a nice deep one, and get the lawn growing over that as well, but leaving it accessible to Thames Water if they need to come and access it.

Of course we’re going to have to incorporate drainage across the front, so a nice kerb and drain across the front. We’ll pipe that out and where the buckets are now, we’ll dig a nice, decent, probably half metre or metre cubed soak away, depending on the condition of the ground once we go down.

You can see up the top, we are going to incorporate a brand new step. And we’ve got a raised kerb going. You can see one of the kerbs sitting on the garden. We’ve got a raised kerb going around all the perimeters of this drive. So really, really excited about this one. And, we’ll give you an update in the foreseeable future in the next two weeks.

Phase 2 – Driveway Installation

Good afternoon everyone. Just giving you an update on our driveway and surrounding walls and turf lawn we carried out a few weeks ago in Cheam in Surrey. So this job, if you remember, we completely ripped out the old drive. We extended it so the customer could get more cars on. We’ve put a new turf lawn in and we’ve completely done a new surrounding wall between.

New Wall and Kerb

The neighbouring property and the front wall and over here as well. Brand new raised kerb all the way along the driveway. So I will have a finished video of this site in the coming days. I just thought I’d give you an updated one as of now. Alrighty, we’ve got to replace the step as well. We’re waiting on some new slate to come for that.

Bradstone Block Paving Driveway

That was just a temporary one we did for the customer while we’re waiting on the new black slate to come. Oh, and by the way, this drive is Bradstone, Brad Drive. This would be a premier, paving stone. It’s got the resin jointing between the blocks. Absolute guarantees, no weeds whatsoever on your driveways.

So, it is a premium product, but in my professional opinion, it’s well worth it. Every pound you spend on it because it’s got the longevity with the blocks.

Resin Sealant

They’ve got a resin on top which stops them absorbing or taking very much in. We’ve put many of these drives down in the last 10 years or 12 years and I have one of these drives I did 12 years ago that if I drove there today, it would look exactly like this one, which has been done a few weeks ago.

Phase 3 – Driveway Installation

Afternoon everyone. Here in Cheam on a wonderful and wet November afternoon. I thought I would pop by and do a final video on this Bradstone Brad drive that we’ve completed.

We have completed this project quite a few months ago now. The reason for us not getting back to do a final video was we were waiting on the company we bought the wall copings off to collect the ones that were damaged and left over.

Brick Wall

They’ve done that now so I thought I’d bring you through this job in detail because it’s a really really really nice job we’ve done on this and we completely did a new brick wall.

We’ve incorporated some nice wall copings and pillar copings as you can see the number there as well. So, we’ve done a complete wall around the complete perimeter of the property.

Raised Lawn

As you can see, it runs right up along the neighbouring property as well. The customer quite liked the idea of having the driveway at a lower level and then having the beds and lawn raised. So, we’ve complemented this with a kerb which we’ve run around the full perimeter, as you can see.

Up along that right hand side we’ve then done it all the way around the lawn area. And that runs right round, it encloses this flower bed here. Right round and up to the side gate. Runs off into the wall over there flush.

Curved Pathway

Nice curved pathway to follow round to the side entrance. As you can see we’ve got a complimented slate step and runs round and runs over into the corner.

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