garden transformation surbiton

Driveway & Garden Transformation in Surbiton

Driveway & Garden Transformation Surbiton

Good morning everyone, Andrew from S&D Paving here. We’re here in Berrylands in Surbiton working alongside a builder friend of ours.

We are doing a full wraparound on this property. Driveway, patio, and we’re digging out for a swimming pool. It will be a really nice project once finished.

New Front Driveway

So here in the front you can see we’ve pretty much had the excavation done already. This is some of the material we’re digging out from the swimming pool. So, nice little front drive. New walls have been put in already. I’ll bring you around to the back to give you a little bit of a gist of what’s happening before we get stuck in anymore.

As you can see, we’ve had to build ourselves a ramp here to gain access in and out for the digger and dumper, which is not very big. We’ve fitted all this nice cedar, which gives a lovely feature to the garden. And as you can see here, we’re just clearing up some rubbish.

New Patio and Lawn

Got a new patio going in here and a nice new walkway up here. The patio wraps around the property into this lovely little private recess. Putting a brand new turf lawn in, so we’ll have to excavate this old soil and get some nice new topsoil in. The garden room is being done by Daniel, who is our builder friend.

The client is currently moved into the garden room while the refurb is happening. And as you can see where the digger is, I have already started digging out for the swimming pool. So we are having a nice sunken swimming pool.

It’s an actual above ground swimming pool that’s being sunk into the ground. It’s not exactly above ground but you’ll see it once it’s fitted, so we’re getting that excavated today.

After Video

We are back to our Surbiton job which we did just before Christmas, so I thought I would give you a final video.

Tobermore Driveway

So we did a new front wall and a new Tobermore driveway. As you can see on the front there is a drainage channel which runs all the way across the property and that goes back into a soakaway. The reason we had to do this is because the water is falling to the property.

So that was the front and now I’ll bring you through to the back which is absolutely fantastic – it’s one of my favourites.

Limestone Patio and Teak Fencing

So on the back we’ve done a brand new limestone patio and all new teak fencing. The patio fully wraps around the property.

It’s brilliant to come back at this stage with all the patio furniture in place. As you can see, bi fold doors onto a nice table and chairs. A teak seating area, barbecue area. New fencing around the property and a nice archway. We’ve got stepping stones and copings to match which we’ve brought all the way down.

Swimming Pool Area

Then we dug the hole and got ready for the swimming pool to be fitted. We built the wall all the way around. The swimming pool was fitted. And we did the teak around the top.

I’ll give you a bird’s eye view from this side. Really, really fantastic garden.

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