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Indian Sandstone Paving, Epsom

Video Transcript

We are currently in the green in Epsom doing a new patio for this customer and we’re working alongside a garden designer. So let me turn the camera around and give you a little bit of a rundown on this job.

Patio Extension

So here on this job, we have a very small patio, which the customer wanted to extend. So what we’ve done is we’ve incorporated, if you can see that white line, a beautiful curve, which is going to carry around the whole garden, and it’s going to run right over into that corner where the old patio doors are and it’s going to go right round.

We’re going to leave a nice flower bed to incorporate some natural flowers and greenery alongside and it’s going to run up that side about four or five meters which is just past where the shovel is.

Removal of concrete patio

So the customer had a very small old concrete patio which is quite dated. We’re completely removing that and we’re doing a full excavation of the complete area. We’re doing a membrane and our MOT sub base. And then something our company does as an extra touch on our patios is we do a solid concrete lemix base. So it’s a permeable concrete base, but it stops subsidence.

So if you are extending on to a new lawn like we are here it’s best to use a concrete base which just gives us the added protection that the patio is definitely not going to move. We’re then replacing this step here, putting a concrete base in here, removing the step there, and putting a hot tub in here.

We’re removing this step and putting a fuller step in because the customer is possibly going to replace these PVC opening doors for bi fold doors. We’re removing a concrete base at the back of the garden down there and we’re doing this patio in Indian sandstone to match what the customer currently has on our top patio.

So we’ve done and carried out our excavation work. We’ve brought in our membranes and our MOT sub base. Then we mixed up some concrete and we put a tapped and compacted concrete base in because we’ve filled up a garden.

London Stone Paving

As we go round you can see all the curvature that goes out around the garden. In this area here, we’ve just put in our base and our electrics for our hot tub. We’ve had our slabs arrive from London Stone.

Now we are just about to start laying some slabs and this will be our starting point in this job. That gives us a full tile out towards the fence and then we’ll come across and we’ll have some cuts around the steps.

So since then, we have cut our sandstone all to shape and incorporated some really nice curves. All of this was marked with our customer – so myself and the customer spent some time setting out all the sets, drawing the curve and getting the shape that they wanted completely around the patio. So there are no straight edges on this whatsoever.

We’ve used the tumbled sawn setts from London Stone and we have also used The Riven Sandstone Project Packs, again from London Stone. Now we are waiting on some bespoke steps that, again, London Stone have done for us. We are going to build a step here with a curve on each end and again, at the front door, we’ve got two steps for a new front entrance to the property.

Also while we were here, the customer decided to change it a little bit. We were supposed to initially finish on this side and he wasn’t going to do the side alley but after speaking to the customer, we both decided it would be best to finish at the gate instead.

We’ve created a solid concrete base for where the hot tub will be going. Here at the front, we’ve left it down about 40mm because on the bottom of most hot tubs, you get a small 40 or 50mm black plastic, which it sits on that protects the bottom.

We put a small 100mm gravel all the way around and what that does is when water splashes as you get out of the hot tub, it comes over the edge and runs into that shingle gap. I’m also going to fit a pipe down in this corner behind that cable, a small tiny pipe which lets any water that builds up in the gravel run down into the drain.

Finished Patio

So today we have the completed project which I thought I’d run you through in a short video. As you can see we’ve planted all the borders to soften the patio here on the outer garden surface.

We’ve completed a brand new Indian sandstone paving patio. As you can see, it runs all the way around and then comes up onto a raised patio area up here which the customer already had – I believe we’ve got the colour match quite good. The pergola has been fitted, with a lovely seating area underneath and as you can see you can let the sunlight in, but also you can close it off.

We’ve incorporated a nice smooth sawn sandstone granite, or sawn sandstone edge may I say, around the perimeter of the patio. We’ve tucked this patio all the way along the side and that has given the customer somewhere to put the ping pong table as you can see here, and obviously they’ve got a small storage shed and log store there.

We’ve done a brand new step – the customer wanted this in the sawn smooth sandstone which we’ve done to match the one that’s existing. Finally, the hot tub has been fitted and wired in with a 32 amp isolator.

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