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Patios provide a perfect option for Surrey homeowners looking to expand their outdoor living area. They can be constructed using different materials such as brick, concrete, and stone, allowing the patio to seamlessly merge with the current landscape, whether traditional or contemporary.

Patios offer additional room for leisure, unwinding, or hosting friends and family. Moreover, they present an appealing outdoor area that boosts your home’s aesthetics and worth.

If you’re considering adding a patio to your outdoor area, you’re in the right spot. Our selection of paving caters to various styles and budgets.

We offer design choices from modern to classic styles to cater to all tastes. Our expert team is ready to explore all options with you, turning your vision into reality.

Our Surrey Paving Services

Porcelain Paving – Our porcelain paving offers a stunning, contemporary option for your patio. It is low maintenance, durable and stain-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use. With a variety of colours and patterns available, we can create a unique patio that will enhance the look of your home.

Block Paving – Our block paving offers a traditional, yet versatile option for your patio. With a variety of sizes, colours and patterns available, we can create a custom design that perfectly complements your outdoor space. Block paving is also durable and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice among our customers.

Beta Setts Block Paving – This option has an ultra-smooth surface, making it ideal for wheelchair users.

Brick Weave Patios – This is our most popular paving solution for clients in Surrey. Our expert team can create intricate patterns and designs using different coloured bricks, allowing you to truly customise your patio.

Swimming Pool Paving Surrey

If you’re considering new paving for your swimming pool area, we can help enhance your property’s value with long-lasting solutions, creating a more inviting space for relaxation.

Determining your requirements can pose a challenge at times. We’re here to assist you with an extensive selection of paving solutions, enabling you to select the ideal one for your outdoor area.

Our team is brimming with fantastic ideas to enhance your pool area, beginning with selecting the appropriate bullnose pavers or coping and expanding to paving slabs and flags that will guide you to your outdoor pool.

By the pool, textured paving can promote safety by providing a rough surface that prevents slipping around the pool’s perimeter. Opting for porcelain paving can effectively inhibit algae formation and minimise staining. This low-maintenance option ensures long-term durability and resistance to water and salt.

Neutral shades like buff, brown, and grey are popular choices for swimming pool paving. These colours are not only safe bets but also versatile, effortlessly blending with modern, Mediterranean, or classic styles.

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