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Top Tips for Caring for Your New Driveway

Your Definitive Guide To New Driveway Care

A new driveway is a great investment for all kinds of homes, offering better curb appeal, functionality and increased property value. This can be an investment that lasts for many years and be continually beneficial for your home as long as you take care of it well.

The right care for your new driveway will differ based on the type you choose and the installation methods for this. At S&D Paving, we offer four main types of driveways – concrete, block paving, gravel and resin bound driveways, all of which are installed by our professional team for lasting results.

Each type of driveway offered by our meticulous and passionate team provides a range of benefits and can be customised to suit your particular requirements. These benefits will be emphasised with the right care for your new driveway and ongoing maintenance.

In this guide, we are sharing the best new driveway care top tips based on the type you choose to ensure lasting aesthetic appeal and functionality throughout the seasons.

How To Care For Your New Driveway

The right care for your new driveway will vary depending on the type you have chosen. Driveways are exposed to a lot of stress from heavy vehicle use as well as being completely exposed to the elements, which is why regular maintenance is required.

Regular maintenance can keep your driveway in great condition, both aesthetically and in terms of functionality, so it needs to be handled with the utmost care.

Caring For Block Paving Driveways

Our block paving driveways continue to be a popular choice for homeowners across the region, due to the durability and timeless aesthetic appeal offered. Block paving can be customised with different stone types, making them suitable for both contemporary and traditional properties.

To maintain both this aesthetic appeal and durability, block paving driveways require specific regular maintenance.

Regular Sweeping

If you have a new block paving driveway, sweeping needs to be a regular form of maintenance and something you incorporate into your weekly if not daily, routine. The amount of sweeping required will vary based on the season, for example, more sweeping will need to be done during the autumn months to keep your block paving free from leaves and dirt, but will always need to be performed in some capacity.

Regular sweeping can be performed on block paving driveways with a standard sweeping brush, as the material is durable to withstand even harsher bristles. You must maintain a good routine with sweeping and clearing the driveway, as it prevents the build-up of organic matter which can lead to weed growth, moss and other issues.

Weed Control

One of the biggest issues with block paving driveways that are not properly maintained is weed growth. Without the right care and attention, weeds can sprout from between the blocks and cause an uneven surface across your driveway as well as an unsightly appearance.

It is fairly easy to keep on top of weed control when you have a block paving driveway due to its robust nature. You can use weed killer sprays or substances, ensuring they are specifically made for block paving, or remove them manually whenever you notice new growth.


Another ongoing maintenance requirement of block paving driveways is sanding or re-sanding. This needs to be done between the joints to maintain the stability of your driveway by keeping the stones in place.

Re-sanding may also need to be performed seasonally, such as after a particularly hot summer or freezing winter which can cause the sand between the stones to crack, as well as after cleaning and weeding. The movement of a sweeping brush or the pulling of weeds could cause the sand to become loose, especially if the driveway has been laid for a while.

You can re-sand your block driveway using kiln-dried sand and simply sweep it into the joints. Once the sand is in the joints, take some time to ensure it is tightly packed against the block for stability.

Sealing The Surface

Sealing the surface of your block paving driveway can prolong its life, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

There are various forms of driveway sealants available, and it is recommended to use a high-quality substance that is specifically designed for block paving to get the best results. This can be applied over the stones and cracks to protect the surface from a range of issues, such as stains and algae growth.

It is recommended to re-seal your block paving driveway every few years to enhance the protection and ensure optimal performance of your driveway.

Caring For Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound driveways provide a smooth, stylish finish to any driveway. They are suitable for contemporary and traditional homes and are cost-effective as they have excellent drainage properties, which means planning permission is not required before installation.

Resin driveways are fairly low maintenance due to their quick-curing nature and durability, but as with all surfacing, some care is required to keep these driveways looking their best over time.

Gentle Cleaning

As with all your home surfaces, resin bound driveways do need to be cleaned to remove dust, dirt and debris. It is a good idea to regularly clean your driveway to keep it looking its best, and this routine may have to become more frequent during particular seasons.

When cleaning resin bound driveways, avoid using pressure washers as they can dislodge the resin and cause damage to your overall driveway. Instead, resin driveways can be cleaned using a hose or a similar gentle flow of water and a soft brush to lift any debris.

Algae and Moss Removal

Resin bound driveways are resistant to weed growth, but this does not mean that other issues cannot arise. Moss and algae can still form in shaded areas of your driveway and need to be removed before they spread, causing other issues.

A mild detergent can be used on resin driveways to kill and remove moss and algae. You can also invest in a specialised algae remover to clean these spots without damaging the surface.

Avoid Heavy Loads

Resin driveways are robust and durable, but they are not invincible. This is why you need to avoid the use of excessively heavy objects, like skips or machinery, on your resin driveway as it can cause indentations to the resin and damage.

Preventing Stains

Your driveway goes through a lot and this can be reflected on the surface without the proper care. Common spillages, such as oil, petrol or other chemicals, can stain resin bound driveways – especially when left too long.

This is why you should clean any spills that occur immediately to prevent permanent staining. This can be done using a mild detergent, water and a gentle brush.

Caring For Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways are still a popular choice across the region and are often used for traditional properties because of the charming and rustic appearance they provide.

Gravel driveways can provide a lot of benefits in terms of aesthetic appeal, but they do require a lot of care to maintain this.

Regular Raking

Gravel driveways can quickly become uneven as the stones move around and debris settles. Ranking is the best solution for gravel driveways, as it helps to remove any debris while also smoothing out the surface once more.

This needs to be a regular routine for your gravel driveway to maintain a smooth and attractive appearance at your property’s entrance.

Weed Control

Weeds can be a common issue with gravel driveways, as unlike resin this material is not weed resistant. While we will install a weed membrane underneath your gravel driveway to minimise growth over time, a weed killer can be used for any pesky plants that may appear.

Adding More Gravel

Over time, gravel can become displaced and thin out causing an uneven surface and essentially bald spots in your driveway, where the foundational membrane can be seen. This can easily be resolved by topping up your driveway with fresh gravel when required.

Adding more gravel to your driveway helps to maintain the depth of the surface and the appealing appearance over time.

Edge Maintenance

Maintaining the edges of your gravel driveway means keeping them well-defined to prevent the spread of the stones.
Gravel is a loose surface and it is very easy for the stones to be displaced, but keeping on top of edge maintenance can prevent the overflow for a more uniform appearance to your home’s entrance.

Caring For Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are renowned for their strength and longevity, which is why they continue to be a popular choice. Although they are incredibly robust, concrete driveways still require some maintenance to keep up the sleek appearance and functionality of your home’s entrance.

Regular Cleaning

As with all driveways and outdoor surfaces, regular cleaning will need to be part of your maintenance routine to keep up the neat appearance of your home’s entrance. Concrete is a highly robust material, which makes cleaning easy, as it can withstand hoses or even pressure washers.

This allows you to easily rinse away dirt and stains from the surface, to keep a smooth, sleek appearance. For tougher stains, you can use a stiff brush and detergent.

Sealing the Surface

Much like with sealing resin driveways, applying a concrete sealant to your driveway is a great way to protect the surface and ensure it continues to look great for years to come.

A sealant should be applied to your concrete driveway every few years to protect the surface from stains, weather damage and other signs of wear. This allows you to keep up the sleek appearance of your concrete driveway and reduce the threat of cracks and other damage.

Crack Repairs

While concrete is very durable, it can still become damaged over time. Common signs of wear include small cracks in the surface, which can be easily resolved. However, if left unattended, these cracks can become deeper and bigger, causing issues with your driveway and potentially making it unsafe to use.

Small cracks can be repaired with a concrete patching compound, but larger signs of damage may need to be handled by professionals.

Avoid De-icing Chemicals

During the winter months, you need to avoid using de-icing chemicals on concrete driveways. These are extremely harsh chemicals that can cause damage and eventually lead to spalling of the driveway, which will require a complete replacement to resolve.

Instead of using harsh chemicals, which combined with the cold temperatures will cause lasting damage to your concrete driveway, rely on natural de-icers. Sand or even cat litter can be a good tool to improve traction on concrete driveways, making it safer for you to park up and enter your home, but do not come with the same threats as chemicals.

What Is The Best Driveway For Me?

At S&D Paving, we provide several main driveway options and these can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Our driveways can be customised to suit your specific requirements and your home’s aesthetic.

With these materials on offer, we can guarantee unmatched quality and durability every single time. However, each material we use for driveways can offer unique benefits and therefore may be better suited to specific locations and homes than others.

Block paving driveways are a universally popular option due to their robust and flexible design. With block paving, we can create bespoke driveway designs that enhance the natural elements of your home and landscape with their textures and shades. As well as these customisations, block paving driveways are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy use, making it ideal for homes seeking a long-term driveway installation.

Concrete has similar properties, in terms of its durability and longevity, but is considerably lower maintenance than block paving. These kinds of driveways are also more affordable than block paving and can provide a permanent, reliable home entrance for constant heavy use.

Gravel is a traditional material for driveways and continues to be used across the region for homes and public areas alike. Our grave driveways offer an elegant and natural appearance to your home’s entrance and can be easily installed, making it suitable for a range of locations. With a variety of tones available for gravel, these driveways can be customised to meet your specific requirements and enhance the unique beauty of your property whether contemporary or traditional.

Finally, resin bound driveways are incredibly popular and ideal for homes looking for a sleek, modern approach to paving. These driveways are the most cost-effective solution we offer and are highly customisable, allowing us to tailor resin driveway installation to your absolute specifications and create a unique driveway for your home.

Resin driveways are available in a range of colours and our professional team can offer unique designs during the installation to create a home entrance that stands out. With their durability, quick curing nature and stunning finish resin bound driveways are ideal for properties seeking a seamless combination of style and functionality.

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