Our Solution to Narrow Site Access

Andrew McCourt from S&D Paving & Landscaping showing how diggers are used on a site with limited access.

Video Transcript

Some people have asked us on our social media what we are doing or what have we done with all the soil that has come out of the pool and why we have such a small digger in there. Believe it or not, that small digger is a micro one-tonne.

The pool was dug out with a 1.5 tonne digger because that’s the biggest we could get in without involving cranes et cetera. If we follow this out it brings you right along the side of the property, which is still pretty wide and decent. 

But then we get to the pinch point, which is here, and the biggest digger we can get through there without asking neighbours or craning a digger over the house was 1.5 tonne so we’ve managed to do everything with that. 

As you come around the front, you’ll see we’ve got skips, we’ve got a toilet here, and a site safety sign. This is where we have all the ground protection on the existing drive, and this is where we are dumping all the soil, which our truck picks up and takes away.

That’s for all the people who were asking how and what we have done with the soil. All the soil will go away and be put through a screener, recycled, and actually some of it will probably come back to us to do some finishing touches on the landscaping, and the rest will be sold off to other contractors, so all recycled.

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