recessed manhole cover

How To Set Up A Recessed Manhole Cover

Video Transcript

Good morning everyone, Andrew from S&D Paving in Epsom, Surrey here. This is a ‘how to’ video on setting up a recessed manhole cover. We’ve got a 900×450 porcelain tile here. What we’ve done is, we’ve lined the manhole cover up on a full row of tile here on the right hand side as you can see.

We then get our surround. The insert of this manhole cover lifts out so you can inspect your drainage underneath or whatever the manhole cover is covering. Usually it covers your sewer waste or it could cover a water waste – it just depends on what it’s been put in place to do. So with the recessed manhole cover, where the two black plastic pieces are, you’ve got two handles.

We lift them out, but the outer frame stays. So when we fit it, we set the outer frame round to the perimeter of the tile. Usually we try and get one side on a complete line like we have done on the right hand side here. We set our perimeter frame round that’s level on all four corners to our tile so there’s no trip hazard.

Then once that’s done and that’s set, the next day we come in, we drop a middle piece into a manhole and we cut in our tile into the manhole lid itself. Which you can see here, lines up with all joints. That’s how you set a recessed manhole cover.

Thank you.

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