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Removing and Recycling Waste Material

In this video Andrew from S&D Paving in Epsom, Surrey explains the process of removing and recycling waste material from our driveway projects. We separate old concrete and topsoil during excavation, which are then processed differently. The concrete is crushed into a type one recycled concrete sub base and reused in the project, while the topsoil is screened and repurposed for lawns.

Video Transcript:

Good afternoon everyone, Andrew from S&D Paving here in Epsom, Surrey. We’re here on our Epsom Downs job and I thought I’d make a video on how we remove and recycle waste from our driveways. So as you can see, on excavating this drive, we’ve separated the old concrete into one pile, and we’ve separated the lovely clean topsoil that came out of here, into another pile.

So what happens now is, this is our grab truck which has just pulled up, we’re gonna grab all this concrete, put it in the truck, we take that back to our yard, it gets crushed down into type one recycled concrete sub base. Then that type one concrete sub base will come back to this job tomorrow and be levelled out.

We will remove all this, get our membrane down, and our type one sub base will be levelled down on a bottom course of our sub base. On top of that then we put our MOT DOT sub base and then we’ve got sharp sand and blocks. So that’s what happens to our waste. It’s completely, fully recycled.

So that concrete will go now, be crushed and be returned tomorrow by the same truck. The topsoil will be brought back to the yard. It will be screened to take all the turf and big stones out of it. And that topsoil can then be reused for a lawn elsewhere. So that’s how we remove our waste from our driveways and pathways.

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