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Top Tips For A More Secluded Garden

How To Create Your Very Own Secluded Garden

Like many homeowners, you may be missing out on the incredible potential your garden has simply because of its surroundings. Whether you live in a busy estate, a noisy area, or have too many prying eyes around your property, it is possible to create a secluded garden that you can enjoy in peace.

Creating a hidden oasis out of your existing garden requires a lot of work – as it relies on more than just blocking out the surrounding environment.

At S&D Paving, we understand the importance of having a personal retreat that’s shielded from the prying eyes of neighbours or passersby as this is something we have provided for many of our clients.

Using a combination of our expertise and passion for quality workmanship, we have compiled the best tips to help you achieve the secluded garden of your dreams where you can relax in peace.

How To Make Your Garden More Secluded

There are creative and effective ways that you can make your garden more secluded, regardless of your location or size limitations.

With some careful considerations and being unafraid to think outside of the box, you can create a secluded oasis.

The Right Planting Strategy for a Secluded Garden

Plants are a stunning, effective, and natural way to create seclusion in your garden. A combination of different plant species and types can be a creative way to create areas of privacy in your garden, all without compromising the natural aesthetics of your landscape.

A great tool for seclusion is tall, dense hedges. Planting species like laurel or yew can create private areas as they grow into a lush, green wall that effectively shields your garden from any overlooking eyes.

Another great option is bamboo – as long as you know how to contain it to prevent it from spreading into areas you don’t want. But the quick-growing nature of bamboo makes it highly effective for seclusion, allowing you to have the privacy you desire without delay.

If you want something less uniform, with a mixture of height and texture for a unique visual appeal then combining trees like elegant Italian Cypress with shrubs and climbers can provide a layered privacy screen that is highly effective for seclusion and stunning.

Create Barriers With Fencing and Trellising

A robust, well-designed fence or trellis can instantly transform your garden into a secluded garden oasis, offering the privacy you want without compromising on style with the right choices.

Constructing a fence around the barriers of your garden allows you to shield out the rest of the work, ensuring you can relax in your own private oasis whenever you desire. For gardens with overlooking neighbours, large privacy fences that measure around 6 feet are preferable, and the seclusion can be emphasised by the planting of hedges and trees along the border.

Another great solution for seclusion is trellises. Trellising is similar to fences but allows for the creation of particular secluded zones. These features in particular are excellent for climbers like clematis or jasmine, and it is very easy to encourage their growth over structures like this.

By planting climbers over trellises, you can experience both privacy and a burst of natural beauty in your garden as they bloom into beautiful flowers and colours.

When it comes to creating borders or barriers like this, it is important that you do not just focus on height but also on durability and a stunning design that complements your garden’s character.

Private and Sealed Garden Structures

If you have areas within your garden that aren’t suitable for planting or even fencing, fear not. This does not mean you have to be subject to any overlooking neighbours or outside interference as you can consider garden structures instead.

Garden structures, such as a pergola, gazebo, or even a garden room can be a great tool for seclusion – allowing you to enjoy your back garden in peace, without being exposed to any overlooking eyes or even the elements.

These structures are not only highly effective for privacy and offering seclusion outdoors, but they also create a focal point for your garden. With expert design and installation, you can create outdoor structures that become a stunning centrepiece for your landscape and offer the seclusion you desire at any time.

Water Features For Ambient Sound

Seclusion is not just about the visual elements of your garden, as sound can also impact your privacy too. Whether it is to mask outside noise that impacts your tranquillity or to increase your privacy when conversing with friends or family outdoors, water features are a great solution.

Adding a water feature, like a fountain or a water wall, to your garden is a great way to mask any outside noise – and comes with the added benefit of creating an ambient akin to being in a spa or private retreat. The constant ambient noise of water features not only increases the relaxation experienced in your garden but makes the space more private so you feel even more secluded from the outside world.

Strategic Placement of Outdoor Seating

Whether you want to invest in new pieces or reuse what you already have, the placement of your outdoor seating can also contribute to your sense of privacy. It is possible to create secluded zones and private spaces using outdoor furniture, like garden seats, so you can relax undisturbed in your garden.

Simply choose a secluded corner or already shielded zone in your garden as the prime location for outdoor seating. If the whole garden is open, then you can create your own secluded zones with plants, hedges and even trellises where you can then place outdoor seating.

With strategic placement and some creative design, in terms of fencing and plants, you can create a cosy, private nook for you to enjoy in your garden. Once the spot has been claimed, make it even more comfortable with garden accessories like an outdoor rug, cushions and even a parasol – which can also be a great tool for seclusion. When completed, this is set to be your number-one spot for relaxing in peace.

Set The Tone With Garden Lights

Clever use of outdoor lighting not only sets the tone for your garden, creating a warm ambience that encourages guests to stay and relax a while longer, but can also enhance the privacy of your garden when the sun goes down.

Soft lighting, that has been strategically placed in certain areas, will highlight specific zones of your garden while keeping others in the shade. These shaded zones can be intimate, secluded areas where you can chat, entertain and unwind without any prying eyes interfering.

Lighting is a great tool to bring the attention inward, towards the garden and the atmosphere you have created, as opposed to out towards the boundaries of your space.

How To Keep Your Garden Secluded?

The hard work you do now to create a secluded retreat out of your garden will not go to waste, as long as you prioritise garden maintenance.

Especially in the areas where you rely on trees, hedges and planting for privacy – maintenance is essential. Regular pruning and care is required throughout the garden to keep the natural life healthy and growing well.

The maintenance required throughout your garden is set to change with each season, and professional services are available to make this easier for you to manage.

Trust S&D Paving to Enhance Your Garden’s Privacy

At S&D Paving, we are passionate about landscaping and have helped many clients transform their outdoor spaces into private sanctuaries, where they can spend time in peace.

With our expert knowledge and commitment to quality workmanship, we can help you create a garden that not only offers privacy but also complements your lifestyle and the aesthetics of your home.

We offer landscaping services and maintenance solutions to help bring your dreams to life, making your garden a secluded retreat that only a selected few can enjoy.

Creating your own private retreat is within reach when working with S&D Paving.

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