tobermore driveway project

Tobermore Driveway Project

Video Transcript

Good morning. This week we are starting to put a new driveway in this property so it will be a full excavation. We will remove all the old concrete, dig down 12 inches and get a buildup back of our geotextile membrane. Then add our type two crushed concrete and follow along with MOT, sharp sand screed and our block paving.

Tobermore Tegula Driveway

On this drive we’re going to use the Tobermore tegula. It comes in 3 different sizes, including a slate grey, and we are going to compliment that driveway with a nice dark charcoal border, again from tobermore. We’ve got drainage along the house – this driveway has fallen towards the property, so we’re going to run an aqua channel along the house and we’re going to get a soak away for that to be connected into.

Finished Driveway

Afternoon everyone. I did an intro video about a week ago, and I’ve just had a chance to pop back around to get a finished video. So let me show you what we’ve done.

This was an old concrete driveway, the customer wanted to extend it to get some more cars on, so we’ve excavated the old driveway out 12 inches. We recycled and got rid of all the old concrete off site via our grab truck. We struck a foundation here, and the customer wanted a very small wall just to hold in the gravel as a finishing point where we couldn’t bring the driveway any closer to the tree because of roots.

So we’ve done a small wall there in a nice grey marsh, light brick. And then we’ve dug out our 12 inches and we’ve put our membrane down, and then we’ve done a mix of recycled, crushed concrete. So again, the concrete that we get off site goes to a quarry and it’s put through a crusher, recycled, and then we buy it back on site.

We’ve used that as the main sub base. It’s a type two, and then we come over the top of that with a type one limestone. It’s all compacted and consolidated in. And then you’ve got your lane course of sharp sand. That’s all screed to the correct levels, as you can see it’s a beautiful level that the guys have done on this one.

And then after that, the blocks are laid down and we do all the cuts around the edge. Lucky for us on this one, we’ve got a lovely square run along this new fence. We’ve fitted our aqua channels, this driveway falls to the property so all the water falls down and it all runs into that drain.

That drain falls down on a 1/50 fall down to the corner of the house. Here at this point we’ve piped it and it goes into a soak away, which is back up here under the driveway.

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