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New Paving and Pool Surround in Ashtead

Video Transcript

Hi everyone. Andrew here from S&D Paving in Epsom. We are in Ashtead and we are just about to start resurfacing a very old sandstone patio, about 15 years old. It’s full of black spot so we’re getting completely rid of that and we’re doing this job in two phases.

In the first phase we are doing this lower patio area to the side of the pool. We’re making it all one level because it’s split into two levels at the moment. Now we’re going to make it all one level. We’re going to add an extra step to follow through to the main pool area. So we’re going to put two new steps in here. We are going to lift all these slabs, get rid of them, and we are going to redo the pool surround underneath the hot tub and the pool area in some new porcelain slabs and add a new top step on this one.

So this is what we’re going to be at for the next couple of weeks. Once we finish phase one, then the next part of the job will be phase two, which will be the lower patio at a later stage.

Progress Update 1

We are currently here on our Ashtead paving job, just giving you a quick update mid-job.

We’ve completely taken away the old sandstone paving from around the pool. We’ve completely done the new pool surround. Today we’re doing the mitre cuts on the corners. We replaced it with some new porcelain from London Stone. Really good product around the pool.

There’s very little absorption in porcelain so it keeps everything really clean around the pool. As you can see our guy Altin here is just doing a nice 45 degree mitre cut on the corner. We’ve managed to get away with three full rows of tiles, and we’ve left a little runoff gap for water, which we’re going to have piped in at each end and drained away through a soakaway.

We’ve got to adjust the pool cover-up and height. We’ve moved the hot tub and tiled under it and then we’ll move the hot tub back into place. We’ve got to construct this week a new step here in this area which will bring you from the upper level down to the lower level patio area here also in porcelain.

This used to be two levels. We’ve changed this back to one, and that’s going to be a relaxation area away from the pool. So if the family’s here, they’ve got the kids in the pool, they’re jumping, they’re messing around, they’re having a play, this is somewhere where the family can sit back and relax away from the pool. But they’re also close enough to keep their eyes on who’s in the pool.

Project complete

Just back at our Ashtead paving job a week after we finished it and I thought I’d give everyone a final run round on a video. This is phase one of the job. Phase two is going to happen later in the winter. We’re going to do the lower patio around the house, but for now, we’ve just done the dining area, the lower pool area, and around the swimming pool.

So this used to be two levels. We’ve now converted this to one level so you’ve got a lovely six-seater and a sofa area here as well. Sofa lounge, we’ve still got the original steps going down onto the garden. The customer wanted to keep that Victorian look on the bottom garden end and the modern look around the pool.

We’ve replaced all this patio area completely. Got rid of all the bamboo that was there. Just some nice low level planting. The hot tub is back in position, some beds, loads of room for them now because we’ve extended that out. We had to remove the hot tub and tile under it and we put the hot tub back in position.

We also repositioned it for the client. We had some room on the rear end side for cleaning purposes. All new porcelain from London Stone, Ash Beige I believe it is all the way around. Nice little cool area here for a sofabed. We’ve incorporated drainage here to catch all the runoff of the water and that runs as a natural feed back down into a top flower bed so it can soakaway naturally into the ground.

Nice corner here for a little drinks area. That’s it all done for this phase. So if you keep an eye on our page, you will see phase two, which will kick off in December time, and that will be getting these steps carried down and getting all that bottom patio wrap around the house done.

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