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Ways To Screen Your Garden From Overlooking Neighbours

Defend Your Sanctuary With These Garden Privacy Tips

Your garden is your safe haven – a tranquil retreat where you should feel safe and comfortable.

However, if you’re contending with overly-curious neighbours or properties too close for comfort, your haven may feel less like a tranquil retreat and more like a zoo. Feeling as though you are being watched can prevent you from wanting to spend time outdoors, making your garden a wasted opportunity for fun, entertainment and relaxation.

Don’t let concerns of unwanted scrutiny rob you of your outdoor leisure. You shouldn’t miss out on the joys and tranquillity your garden offers due to a compromised sense of privacy and can take action to fight it with these garden privacy tips.

At S&D Paving, we have helped many clients over the years transform their outdoor environments into inviting, safe gardens the whole family can enjoy. With our experience, we have developed numerous ways to bolster your garden’s seclusion so you can enjoy an undisturbed, personal oasis whenever you need it.

In this guide, we will walk you through the best garden privacy tips so you can craft a secluded, serene environment the whole family can enjoy.

Natural Garden Privacy Tips

The best landscape design is one that blends natural elements with decorative features for a stunning, functional display. When it comes to enhancing your garden privacy, natural elements can be used to screen overlooking neighbours.

With thoughtfully incorporated natural elements, you can foster an engaging, beautiful ecosystem offering visual depth. Plants and flowers can be used not only to beautify your garden but also as natural privacy defenders.

The following can help maintain your sanctuary’s seclusion without disrupting its aesthetic appeal:

Trees and Shrubs

Implementing a natural shield of trees and shrubs around your garden can be a great way to increase visual appeal and screen overlooking neighbours.

This organic privacy screen works best when a combination of varied species and heights is used. For a lasting, thriving barrier plan trees and shrubs around your garden edges for maximum privacy from overlooking neighbours.

It is recommended that you use evergreen shrubs and trees, like conifers, laurels, or privets for sustained screening as these can offer year-round coverage with their lush green leaves.


For immediate privacy needs, bamboo is a great option as it grows quickly and can become quite dense.

Choose clumping bamboo varieties for the most coverage, as these are the densest versions and can provide effective screening across your garden. Whether this is grown alongside your garden barriers, like fencing, or around specific areas of the garden like the patio for private dining experiences, bamboo can be highly effective.


Hedges are the classic natural element to consider when it comes to screening your garden from overlooking neighbours as their lush foliage has long been a popular choice for privacy.

As this is a classic and common option, hedges are ideal for all kinds of gardens as they blend easily into various landscapes while also adding to their natural beauty.

Structural Garden Privacy Tips

For more permanent and substantial garden privacy measures, consider professional installation options that can be tailored to match your garden’s specific needs. These include:


A high fence is a simple yet effective way to maintain your privacy. As long as the fence is less than 6.5 feet, including trellises, it does not need planning permission and can be an effective screening tool for better garden privacy.

With added trellis, lattices and climbing plants, your fence can offer greater height which means more privacy for the garden while still blending seamlessly with your natural landscape.


A pergola is a great option if you want to create secluded areas in the garden, such as for dining or entertaining.

Pergolas can be fitted with side panels and climbing plants to shield from overlooking neighbours at all angles, creating a private, shaded area within your garden.  Whether you use it for outdoor dining or relaxation you can do so in peace, knowing you are protecting from all sides.

Lattice Panels

Lattice panels offer privacy while still allowing light and air to flow around the garden, so you can continue to experience the benefits that nature can provide.

Like pergolas, lattice panels can be used to create secluded zones across the garden or enhance the appeal of existing structures like the deck or fencing. These panels can be enhanced with climbing plants or hedges for added protection and natural appeal.

Temporary Garden Privacy Tips

Sometimes, you may need privacy only for specific events or times. For such moments, temporary solutions like outdoor curtains or portable screens are ideal.

Both of these garden design tips can be easily moved and adjusted to suit your needs and are easy to install. Often used around patios or pergolas, you can create a safe secluded zone on demand with temporary solutions, allowing you to relax or entertain away from the watchful eyes of your overlooking neighbours.

Decorative Elements For Garden Privacy

Enhancing your garden’s privacy doesn’t have to compromise its visual appeal. There are various ways that you can add decoration to the garden while also enhancing privacy.

Features like decorative panels add interest while blocking views from neighbours when installed across the fence. There are many options for these panels, from timber to metal and even mirrored panels, to fit in with any garden design.

Other garden privacy tips that can add both interest and garden privacy are water features. Water features, such as fountains or small waterfalls, not only look great in your garden but offer sensory privacy by preventing sound intrusion.

This prevents the neighbour’s conversations and music from interrupting your time outdoors, and vice versa. You can catch up with your friends easily, safe in the knowledge that no one can listen in over the soothing sounds of running water.

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S&D Paving is a leading provider of landscaping services and has decades of experience in the region. We help deliver luxurious and functional results for our clients, transforming their outside spaces into stunning environments they adore.

We offer a range of solutions, from paving to fencing and patio installation, to help bring your dream garden to life.

Once we have developed your dream garden, you can implement these garden privacy tips so you can make the most out of your new environment.


Enhancing your garden’s privacy can make your outdoor time more enjoyable and therefore encourage you to spend more time there. Getting outside with the family can be a wonderful experience, and all homeowners should be free to do this without intrusion from their surroundings.

As per these garden privacy tips, a combination of natural barriers, decorative elements, and structural installations can help create a private yet attractive environment that the whole family can enjoy.

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