Tobermore Pedesta Driveway Installation

Tobermore Pedesta Driveway Installation

Tobermore Pedesta Driveway Installation

Good morning everyone, Andrew from S&D Paving here in Epsom, Surrey. Today we’re in Weybridge. We are going to undertake a new driveway for this customer. This property’s never had a driveway before. They’ve just had council planning permission for a drop curb, as you can see marked on the footpath. Others already have driveways but this property doesn’t.

Excavating the Grass Lawn

We are gonna bring our digger in, which will be arriving very soon. On this property where it’s a grass lawn and it hasn’t been a driveway or hard standing before, we will do a full 300 dig out, or for anyone that works in the old measurements, one foot. So it’s a 1 foot 300 dig out in the complete drive. Not only that, we’ll have to excavate the job down.

As you can see, the drive is already probably 150 higher than the pavement, so we’ll have to go the 150 higher, plus our 300. So all together it’ll be a 450 dig out. And that’s a massive mistake some contractors could make while pricing or giving a quote for this job.

You’ve got to take into consideration how much more soil we have to dig out than we would do on a normal drive. So 450 dig out at the front. We’re having gravel in this area with a block paving footpath and we’re going to cut a hole in this wall. The customer wants to keep the existing front wall for now.

That might change as it’s not very good looking and it is very tired and a lot of the bricks are blown but for now he wants to keep that. We’re doing a new block paving footpath to the front door and then here we’re doing a block paving driveway to the fence and it’s going to go alongside the house and it’s going to finish here.

All this has got to go and it’s going to finish in line with the back of the house here on the corner all the way across. It’s not touching the back garden for now. That’s something we’re going to come back and do at a later stage. I’ll give you an update later in the day.

Tobermore Pedesta Driveway

I am back on our Weybridge driveway. This is a Toberermore Podesta, this is one of our first jobs using the new Jet Black. So, as you can see, the boys have screeded the sand, but unfortunately the foxes came last night and had a little play around, so that’s got to be redone this morning. And we are laying our driveway.

Once we get the driveway laid to the corner of the house, we’ve then got to gravel and put a footpath over in this area. We’re waiting for a delivery to arrive so we can MOT and gravel that area and add a pathway. That’s it for now. I’ll give you an update later on in the job.

Complete Charcoal Driveway

I’ve just come back to a job we finished two weeks ago in Weybridge. We were waiting on gravel to come to finish this one. So I just thought I’d pop back round and do a finished video for you. So what we’ve got here is a Tobermore Pedesta. We’ve got the brand new colour in this as a border, the Jet Black – I don’t know if you can see it with the sunshine. So we’ve got a jet black border, but a charcoal driveway.

We’ve got to come back to this customer in the future to carry on the work on the rear garden. But for now, we’ve just done his driveway to gain access. As you can see in the front, he just wanted it clean, low maintenance. So we’ve put down some hard standing MOT sub base, a membrane, and we’ve shingled it.

Tobermore Pedesta Charcoal Pathway

We’ve added in a pathway, which gives you direct access to the front door. So you can see we’ve just cut a hole in its existing wall, which is what the customer asked for and we’ve done a walkway again, as you can see, jet black border, charcoal centre, that’s Tobermore Pedesta.

You can see we’ve got drainage in the front, connected into a soakaway, some LED lighting, also lighting along the edge and it goes right to the corner of the property.

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