london stone pool surround

London Stone Pool Surround

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, Andrew here from S&D Paving, here in Epsom in Surrey. I just thought I would give you a first day video on a new swimming pool we are doing and surrounding landscaping works in Epsom in Surrey.

This is our third swimming pool this year. The first two were just doing surrounds and refurbs, this one is actually a complete pool.

Access to Site

So let me turn the camera round. Give you some gist of the job. So, this is our access in and out through the side of the property. We’ve put down some ground protection to protect the existing patio. We’ve got some light insulation under the plywood and some plywood down. We’re protecting the lawn.

Conservation area

Obviously, we’ve got some tree protection. We’re working in a conservation area. So, on the planning conditions of the pool, tree protection had to be erected.

So that’s all been done as of the council’s wishes. So, what’s happened here is, this was a normal bottom of the garden. So a hole has been completely excavated out of the ground.

Laying the concrete

We’ve had a pool company come in and they have fitted the complete surround and pipes and base of the pool so far. So they’ve got to a point now where the concrete is done, the reinforced concrete is done around the pool.

So it’s our turn now to come in and carry on and we’ve marked out with the red line as you can see, that’s where our patio area is going to come round.

Marking out the patio

That’s going to be raised up to the finished pool level, which is about a foot above the garden. And that’s going to carry on right down along that red line, right across the blue line, into that corner basically, and it’s going to follow the fence. As such, that’s going to be all one big flat open patio area.

Right there where the wheelbarrow is for some sun loungers. This runs all the way up along the yellow line. You see along the fence it runs around. This is all at the one level to the back of the digger where the red line is.

So all that area all the way around the pool will be one complete level. The same level as the pool and the pool surround.

Retaining wall and steps

Along this red line behind the digger, we’re then going to form a retaining wall, steps. We’re going to face the wall with some nice porcelain to match what’s around the pool. And then on this triangle on the top, we’ll have a small top, higher level patio area.

Pool area

This will be in front of the bar, which the customer has already built. It’s got a lovely bar inside and this will run round the corner. And then we’re going to have a pool where that tree protection fence is.

There’s a concrete base going there and we’re having a pool room or a pool shed. So where all the fittings, the pumps and the boilers and everything for the pool goes.

So I look forward to speaking to you again in the coming weeks. This one will probably carry on over about six weeks. Because we’ve got to follow through along with the guys that’s doing the pool. So we’ve got to kind of step in as and when we can and work together with them to complete.

Phase 2 – Paving Installation

Good afternoon everyone. Beautiful sunny September afternoon. Just giving you an update on the swimming pool job. We haven’t done you an update here in a few weeks. As we have been waiting for a couple of trades to carry out various different parts of this project. But as you can see now, we’re well underway.

Tiling and Concrete base

The coping is on. Ready for the cover, the tiling is well on the way. As you can see, we’ve got one wall of the pool tile, the steps are in. We’re waiting, we’re waiting for some pipe work here to build a retaining wall.

We’ve done a solid concrete base up here as you can see. On all the areas where the patio is going.

We’ve got our blocks in place ready to build our retaining walls, all the way around. More blocks there, ready for that retaining wall. Let’s see, both sides are now tiled so I’ll give you an update in a few weeks.

Phase 3 – Paving Installation

Morning everyone, we have just been back here. Friday was the only bit of good weather we had to grout in the swimming pool job in Epsom. No rush on finishing this job for the client, as he won’t be using the swimming pool now until probably March next year.

Grouting and Drain Cover fitted

But on our end, we are now complete. We are all grouted up, we’ve stone cladded or stone faced the front of the walls, and we are now complete. We’re just literally fitting the drain covers now.

We use a stainless steel drain cover, which I’ll show you in a second. It brings for a beautiful finish. As you can see now, the pool cover’s been fitted.

Pool’s full of water, ready to use. All the workings of the pool are inside and a boiler to keep the water warm. Pool cover there, so yeah, completely finished now.

London Stone paving

So as you can see, we’ve used the candela grey stone face from London Stone. Really, really, goes well with the Urban Grey, fantastic again from London Stone. We’ve done a bullnose finish on all the slabs, all the way around. With copings and coming into slabs and steps.

We’ve left this step here, probably a little bit higher than normal, but that was on the customer’s request as he didn’t want to put two steps and go further back into the patio as that’s quite a small area outside the bar.

So he wanted a little bit more room up there, but he’s quite happy with it. It’s not too bad to be honest when you walk on it. As you can see, they’ve carried a bullnose on the copings all the way along.

The guys are just doing the final cut on the angle. Some nice stainless steel channel covers from Mako. Some really nice shapes on this one.

Finished Patio

As you can see, the finish on the stone is next to none. Fantastic. Really, really happy with my guys on this one. Fantastic workmanship. You know, you took the time to put the effort in, and what can you say, it’s all paid off.

I think once we get the fence down, once we get the lawn repaired in the next few weeks, once we get the weather, we get some planting in, get some soft landscaping, I’ll do a complete finish video for you.

Setting out the Flower Beds

You can see we’ve got two steps here, one there, one at the other end. We’re going to do a nice flower bed in between, flower bed here, which runs along the edge as well. So once you see the planting done, it’ll definitely soften off the hard landscaping. But that’s just a little updated video for you.

As you can see, we’ve incorporated stone in for the pool access covers, rather than having your white pool covers. We’ve incorporated that with all porcelain so it all matches in. That’s it for now. Speak to you all soon.

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